Wnorowski v. University of New Haven
University of New Haven Settlement
Case No. 3:20-cv-01589

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If you were a University of New Haven ("UNH") student (other than non-matriculated high school students) enrolled in any UNH course as of March 24, 2020, you may be affected by this class action settlement.

What Is This Lawsuit About?

The class action being settled is captioned Krystian Wnorowski, on behalf of himself and others similarly situated v. University of New Haven, Case No. 3:20-cv-1589 (D. Conn.) This case is a putative class action, meaning that the Settlement Class Representative—Krystian Wnorowski— brought this action as an individual acting on behalf of a putative class of all people who paid tuition and/or fees for the Spring 2020 semester at UNH. The Settlement Class Representative alleged claims for breach of contract and unjust enrichment based on UNH’s transition to remote learning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. UNH denies all allegations of wrongdoing and there has been no finding of liability in any court. After substantial class discovery, class certification briefing, motion for summary judgment briefing, and substantial negotiations with the help of Honorable Magistrate Judge S. Dave Vatti, the Parties came to the proposed Settlement.

Who Is in the Settlement Class?

If you were a UNH student enrolled in a UNH course as of March 24, 2020 and were not a non-matriculated high school student at that time and you do not opt out, you are part of the proposed settlement class (a “Settlement Class Member”) affected by this lawsuit.

What Does this Settlement Provide?

Considering the interest of both UNH and its students in prompt resolution of the matter, UNH and Plaintiff have agreed that, to resolve this Action, UNH will pay $1,000,000 into a Cash Settlement Fund to be divided evenly among Settlement Class Members who do not opt out. UNH also will offer a one-time non-cash $200 tuition credit to eligible Settlement Class Members, which credit will be used to reduce the tuition for enrollment in a UNH course commencing in September 2023 or later.

Your Legal Rights and Options

Option and Deadline
DO NOTHING AND AUTOMATICALLY RECEIVE A CASH PAYMENT AND THE OPTION OF GETTING AN ADDITIONAL NON-CASH TUTION CREDIT IF YOU ENROLL IN A UNH CLASS If you are a Settlement Class Member and you did nothing, your payment from the Cash Settlement Fund was sent automatically by first class U.S. Mail to your last known mailing address on file with the University Registrar on January 10, 2024. Settlement Class Members may have (a) provided an updated address for sending a check; or (b) elected to receive the Settlement Benefit by Venmo or PayPal instead of a paper check on this website by January 10, 2024. In addition, all Settlement Class Members who enroll in a UNH course commencing in September 2023 or later shall be automatically eligible for a one-time, non-cash $200 tuition credit.
Postmarked no later than August 26, 2023 - Passed
You could have requested to exclude yourself from the Settlement. You would have received no benefits, but retained any rights you had to sue the Defendant about the claims in this case. The deadline to exclude yourself has passed.
Postmarked no later than August 26, 2023 - Passed
You could have written to the Court explaining why you didn't like the Settlement. The deadline to object to the Settlement has passed.
October 3, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. EST - Passed
You did not have to attend the Final Approval Hearing, but you may have attended if you desired to do so. If you are a Settlement Class Member, you may have asked the Court for permission to speak at the Final Approval Hearing.

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